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About us

Placing the best tools, in the best hands, for the most good means more to us than just providing streamlined software. Supporting progressive causes and acting altruistically is what drives us. Lunda’s global team understands that we are all connected, and know that for positive change to happen on a global scale, we need to be thinking beyond national and cultural boundaries. For this reason we are committed to bringing about change no matter where it is taking place - because we know that working together is the best way to create a better world.


Who We Are

We are Lunda, a contribution form founded on progressive ideals. Our goal is to kick-start Europe’s small donor revolution by empowering people through small, individual donations. We believe in putting the best tools, in the best hands, to do the most good. ​

Lunda was developed by our parent company Estratos Digital, a boutique political consultancy and tech firm which works with progressive causes and political candidates around the world. Estratos Digital works with clients around the world to provide an end-to-end solution for powering their campaigns. Estratos Digital is based out of Vienna, Austria and is made of a global team of hardworking, progressive experts wanting to build a better future.


Our aim is to be the best lightweight contribution form on the market. Built by progressives for progressives, we created Lunda as a fundraising tool for any and all forward-thinking movements. We first and foremost designed Lunda around the needs of the donor. With an easy-to-use interface, our contribution form streamlines the donation experience to make it easy for donors to support your work. ​​


Lunda is for any progressive movement that wishes to harness the power of small-donors to propel change. Whether you have a large support network already, or want to begin an organization from scratch, we here at Lunda want to see your positive change happen.  ​


We believe that only by working together can we bring about positive change. That’s why we have a dedicated customer success team whose goal it is to help your cause effectively fundraise through Lunda. Do you have ideas but don’t know where to start? Feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help you realize your true potential through Lunda.

Using Lunda is easy and fast! Lunda customers can create their own contribution form in minutes, allowing them to begin collecting donations no matter their timeline. ​

Lunda in Europe

Lunda is a global solution for small donor fundraising.
We work across Europe with our tools able to be optimized for working anywhere in the world.
Lunda was developed to adapt globally by offering language and currency customizations, as well as maintaining a flexible design that can be adapted for both national and international compliance regulations. Our team of experts excel in mobilizing and organizing communities, and can help adapt Lunda to your needs and country.

Get in touch to talk about how we can best suit your needs!

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