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What is Lunda
What is Lunda?

Lunda is an online contribution form meant to help streamline the donation process.

Lunda was designed as a streamlined online donation form dedicated to making online fundraising seamless and fast. Lunda is lightweight with a headless CMS. Its design is meant to convert potential donors into active supporters of your cause!

Why is your logo a Puffin?

Great Questions! Lunda is another name for the Puffin, and what is not to like about Puffins!?

What we recognize is that many donation forms have generic names. We here at Lunda are anything but generic. We wanted to build something different, and develop a technology which works for our clients and supports their causes. To us, your message is what is important, not our name.

What makes Lunda different?

Lunda was built with the donor relationship in mind.


Our design philosophy was to develop something which put the user experience at its core. On top of being customizable, GDPR compliant and user friendly, Lunda was built keeping the donor's relationship to your organization in mind. Because of that, Lunda makes it easy for donors to give across multiple causes.

How does Lunda maintain GDPR compliance?

Expertise and Flexibility

By employing and contracting GDPR experts across all the different jurisdictions we work in we can make sure we are adhering to your local GDPR laws. We also work directly with our client's compliance team to ensure transparency and legal adherence.

Who is behind Lunda?

Lunda is a project of Estratos Digital.

Estratos Digital is a political tech company based in Vienna, Austria. Estratos Digital's mission is to put the best tools in the best hands in order to do the most good. It is majority owned by U.S. tech incubator Higher Ground Labs which specifically funds projects for the public good. They have made Estratos Digital their first overseas investment.

Is Lunda for me?
Who does Lunda work with?

Lunda works with progressive movements across Europe.


We believe in empowering organizations which push for positive, social reform. 

Can my organization use Lunda?


All we need to work with you is a legal framework which Lunda can adopt in your given jurisdiction. Aside from that, we require that all organizations we work with adhere to the values and ethics we stand for. Whether your organization operates locally or internationally, has never fundraised or has a list of thousands of donors, was just founded or has been around for decades, Lunda is the tool for you!

My organization is from outside the EU, can I still use Lunda?

Probably! If you are unsure, ask us at!

While we are currently focused on offering Lunda in EU countries, we have designed Lunda to be flexible globally. Because of our company's ethics and values we are interested in supporting progressive movements around the world. So long as your jurisdiction's laws allow us to operate there, we are more than happy to work with you. If you are unsure, then reach out to us! We are always open to discussing ways we can support progressive causes!

Can I use Lunda as a private individual?

Probably not, however...

This depends on the compliance of your country and jurisdiction. While we don't work with private individuals looking to fundraise for a private purpose (e.g. paying off personal debt) we do work with individuals who are part of a larger campaign (such as individual politicians).

The Lunda Software
Which integrations does Lunda offer?

We have made it easy to accommodate whichever integrations your organization may need. Our app store will provide a growing list of integrations and if you need one that is not listed yet, get in touch!

Can I choose which integrations I want?

Of course!

Contact us at if you have any questions.

Does Lunda Offer a CRM?

Yes! Kind of…

Lunda offers CRM services through our Lunda+Action Network Package. While Lunda itself is not a CRM, Action Network (an online center-left organizing tool used by the U.S. Democratic Party and President Joe Biden's campaign) does offer CRM services. Our partnership with Action Network means you can use their services for a special deal only available through us! You can read more about the partnership on our blog.

I really like my CRM, can I still use Lunda with my old CRM?


We believe in using the best tool for the best job. We believe Lunda is the best tool for accepting donations. If you are happy with your CRM, then you can keep your CRM. If you are looking for alternative solutions, Lunda can help you find alternative solutions.

How long does it take to create a donation page?

Not long at all!

At the moment, our current team record is 10 minutes! But perhaps you may be able to beat that?

I saw that Lunda processes payments through Stripe. What is stripe?

Stripe is the world's largest globally recognized payment processor used by thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide. It has a presence in 46 countries and is growing every day! More specifically, Stripe is PCI level 1 certified and widely seen as a best practice through payment processing globally.

Can Lunda be used with Social Media platforms?


Whether Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, Lunda makes it easy to share your fundraiser!

Where is Lunda?
In which countries does Lunda work?

Lunda works EU-Wide!

Lunda was developed to work in all EU-wide countries. If your organization happens to work outside of the EU, please contact us and we can decide together what the next steps are.

 Lunda + Action Network
What is the difference between Lunda and Lunda+Action Network?

Lunda is a simple contribution form, Action Network is an organizing tool including CRM.

As Action Network comes with a full CRM, including emailing, petitioning and mobilization automations, the Lunda+Action Network package has a different cost associated with it.

What is the Lunda-Action Network Partnership?

It is a unique partnership aimed at offering Action Network to progressive movements across Europe!

Action Network is the preferred tool of Lunda's parent company Estratos Digital. Their special partnership with Action Network makes them the main European reseller of the platform. This partnership is important because it means Lunda and Estratos Digital have input in the development of Action Network. Additionally, their dedicated support team helps users use Action Network in Europe, specifically with an expertise around GDPR and EU-specific challenges.

What is Action Network?

Action Network is a progressive social organizing tool.

It is a co-op founded in the United States. It offers a full stack CRM and messaging tool. It is used by both the Joe Biden campaign and the Democratic National Convention. It is known for providing very detailed and reliable emailing tools as well as database and other messaging softwares.

Why should I use Lunda if Action Network already has a donation platform?

Because Lunda was made in Europe, not the U.S.

As a U.S. donation platform Action Network was not built natively to operate across multiple languages and currencies. If you would prefer to use the Action Network donation page you may.

I am an existing Action Network Client, can I switch to Lunda?


Lunda is a lightweight contribution form. As such, it can work with a variety of other tools so talk to us if you need help making a decision to switch.

Why should I change my CRM to Action Network?

As the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

We won't try to convince you to use Action Network if you are happy with your current CRM. But some reasons you may be looking to switch is the following:

  1. We stand by our values and ethics. There is a possibility that your values don’t align with your CRM’s. There are a lot of CRMs on the market. Some work across a wide range or orgs, while others choose to work with only certain types of organizations. Action Network, for example, only works with progressive organizations because they believe in supporting causes looking to make positive change..

  2. Our pricing model is different. We don't believe in punishing organizations for growing. Because of that, we won't charge you more for growing your list. Our pricing model means you won't be charged for signing-up for Action Network's full CRM and emailer.

Lunda Donors
Who can donate to my organization? (Can those outside of the EU, Private People, Companies, Public Entities, etc... donate?)


So long as those who donate are legally allowed to, your cause can accept their donations through Lunda. Because each location and organization type has different compliance rules, we here at Lunda will work closely with your organization to make sure your Lunda contribution form follows the legal requirements of your jurisdiction.

How do my donors get an invoice?

Via e-mail.

Lunda will automatically email donors with invoices/receipts with the relevant information based on our compliance knowledge of your cause's jurisdiction.

What happens to my donor's data?

We make sure your donor’s data is handled within the GDPR compliance framework.

As per GDPR, your donor's data will be stored by you, the cause, the manner under which your privacy policy states. Donors will also be asked if they wish to opt-in to storing their data with Lunda. By doing so, it gives them a smoother donation process in the future.

How does Lunda handle tax deductions for donors making a charitable donation?

Depends on the compliance laws of your jurisdiction.

Where applicable, Lunda will provide whatever information on the invoice is needed for your donors to make a tax deductible and/or charitable donation. We will work closely with your compliance team to make sure we are following the laws and guidelines of your respective jurisdiction.

Lunda Support
How can I access my Lunda dashboard?

Once you have created an account, you can access your organization’s dashboard through the above link. If you are having difficult accessing your Lunda dashboard, please contact our helpdesk at:

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Interested in using Lunda for your organization? Contact us at

Are you already an existing Lunda user and need support? Contact us at

If I am having issues with my Action Network account, who do I contact?

Contact us at or reach out to your account manage

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR controls how organizations use an individual's personal data. You can learn more about GDPR at We are also happy to answer your questions about how we handle data. Feel free to email us at

What is List-Building? Why should I list-build?

List building is how you can keep in contact with your supporters.

All of your causes have incredibly important messages. You all do incredibly important work for your community. If you don't list build then you can't effectively communicate with your supporters about all the work you are doing. List building also helps you reach your supporters and ask them to help when/if you need them, such as showing up at demonstrations or events. You can read more about the importance of list building on our blog post.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is used to determine the effectiveness of Lunda compared to other donation forms.

More specifically, A/B testing is when we run a randomized test between two options in order to see which one produces the best outcome we are testing for. For example, we may A/B test two email subject lines to determine which variable produces the greatest results (i.e. more opens and/or clicks). We can then use that knowledge when writing future emails.


A/B testing is very important in the development of Lunda and when sending effective emails so that we can make beneficial changes to our services and products. If you want to learn more you can read about the benefits of A/B testing in our blog. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to discuss our A/B testing process.

Have a question and you don't see  it answered here? Reach out to us at and we will be happy to help!

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