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Lunda aims to put the best tool in the best hands to do the most good. We believe that those who want to do good in this world shouldn’t be excluded from making change because of a high price tag. Therefore, our pricing matches our beliefs. We don’t charge set-up fees to start your fundraising campaign. All we charge is a simple transaction fee for every donation you raise.


Our own donation tool which was developed in-house and designed specifically for global progressive causes! It is customizable in order to work across all languages, currencies, payment systems, and compliance requirements. It has been developed with all the best practices from around the world including a focus on mobile performance.

Action Network​

A robust CRM and messaging platform. It is a US-based, value-driven, cooperative that only works with progressive and value-aligned stakeholders. Action Network allows organizations to create an unlimited number of signup forms, petitions, surveys, and other actions all branded to match the organization’s own designs with full customizations available.


Estratos Digital’s in-house messaging tool which includes the AI powered Facebook bot and comment growth tool. Organizations operating with WWM have an automated FB bot experience with anyone that comments or engages with their organic or paid content. 


 Our transparent pricing model means you know exactly what you will be paying. No hidden fees. No hidden processing costs.



transaction fee on all donations

  • Covers all processing costs, including stripe fees

  • No signup costs, no monthly fees

  • Includes full use of Lunda

  • Unlimited contribution forms

    •  Easy and fast setup

    •  Customizable across languages, currencies, and design

    •  Fully embeddable 

    •  Recurring donations

    •  Social media sharing

  • Real-time dashboard for data and analytics

  • Dedicated app store for integrations

  • Flexible payment options for donors

  • Built for full GDPR compliance

  • Support from our experts


Lunda + Action Network + WinWithMe


transaction fee on all donations

  • Covers all processing costs, including stripe fees

  • No signup costs, no monthly fees

  • Full use of Lunda

  • Unlimited use of Action Network including:

    • Unlimited page creation including: petitions, events, letter campaigns, forms, ticketed events, and more

    • Grow your list as large as you can without any extra costs

    • Send unlimited emails

    • Personalized support from our team of experts to set up and customize Action Network for your needs.

    •  Specialized GDPR support

  • WinWithMe - Customizable Facebook Messenger Bot

    • Customizable key word triggers

    • Comment growth tool for passive list growth

    • Fully GDPR compliant

    • Send message blasts to your subscribers

    • Effectively list build and grow your supporter base

Custom Plan

Our plans are designed to make it easy, affordable, and low-risk for any organization that is seeking to grow or expand its digital community without the risk of signup or monthly fees. If your organization size is considerable and you would like to explore pricing for Action Network based on a monthly or email volume fee, contact our team for a consultation where we will discuss personalized offers for your organization. 

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