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5% (which includes processing costs)

Who is it for?

Organizations just starting their fundraising journey who are just beginning to list build. ​​

For organizations who like their CRM and just wish to change their donation form to achieve their fundraising goals!

Features Included

  • The Lunda contribution form​

  • Unlimited forms for a single cause​

  • A live donation form within 30 minutes​

  • Fully customizable & embeddable forms​

  • Customizable donation labels​

  • Recurring donations​

  • Social media sharing​

  • A continuously expanding list of global and national integrations

  • Flexible payment options​

  • Support from Lunda staff to help set up your campaign​

  • Support from our help center


(with Action Network)

7.5% (which includes processing costs)

Who is it for?

Organizations who wish to expand and strengthen their donor lists. ​​

Organizations who would like to change their CRM. 

Features Included

Everything in Lunda (Basic), plus:

  • Action Network Listbuilding​

  • Action Network Actions:​
    » Petitions​
    » Events​
    » Letter campaigns​
    » Forms​

  • Ticketed events​

  • Newsletter/email creation and dissemination​

  • Mass mobile messaging​

  • Action Network donor statistics and fundraising goals​

  • Easy integrations with open webhooks to connect to any tool, including built in integrations with Zapier, Salesforce and more​

  • Full featured API​

  • Full Action Network Support site with access to tutorials and advice



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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

 Our transparent pricing model means you know exactly what you will be paying. No hidden fees. No hidden processing costs.


  • The only cost to you is 5% of each donation,
    which covers ALL processing costs.
    (Lunda uses Stripe, but pays all Stripe fees itself as part of the fee)

  • No signup costs, no monthly fees

  • Includes full use of Lunda

  • Unlimited contribution forms

    •  Easy and fast setup

    •  Customizable across languages, currencies, and design

    •  Fully embeddable 

    •  Recurring donations

    •  Social media sharing

  • Real-time dashboard for data and analytics

  • Dedicated app store for integrations

  • Flexible payment options for donors

  • Built for full GDPR compliance

  • Support from our experts


Lunda + Action Network + WinWithMe

  • The only cost to you is 9.5% of each donation,
    which covers ALL processing costs.
    (Lunda uses Stripe, but pays all Stripe fees itself as part of the fee)

  • No signup costs, no monthly fees

  • Full use of Lunda

  • Unlimited use of Action Network including:

    • Unlimited page creation including: petitions, events, letter campaigns, forms, ticketed events, and more

    • Grow your list as large as you can without any extra costs

    • Send unlimited emails

    • Personalized support from our team of experts to set up and customize Action Network for your needs.

    •  Specialized GDPR support

  • WinWithMe - Customizable Facebook Messenger Bot

    • Customizable key word triggers

    • Comment growth tool for passive list growth

    • Fully GDPR compliant

    • Send message blasts to your subscribers

    • Effectively list build and grow your supporter base

Custom Plan

Our plans are designed to make it easy, affordable, and low-risk for any organization that is seeking to grow or expand its digital community without the risk of signup or monthly fees. If your organization size is considerable and you would like to explore pricing for Action Network based on a monthly or email volume fee, contact our team for a consultation where we will discuss personalized offers for your organization. 


Interested in Lunda?  Want to know more?

Our fundraising experts are happy to discuss with you how Lunda can help you reach your goals!

Need Help with your Lunda account?

Have questions, concerns or comments regarding your Lunda account?

Are you a Lunda donor?

Did you donate through Lunda and have questions concerning the donation process? We are here to help!


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